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Choosing CRM

Startup Chefs performs a situation study that takes into account both internal and external variables. This is nothing more than a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) report determining how the company is doing with the goal of assessing readiness for CRM implementation and choosing the best CRM.

POC Development

CRM Customization

We provide CRM customization based on your needs at a fair price. Furthermore, certain items do not require paying for features that you do not need. You have complete control over which facilities you want to use.

Application Maintenance

CRM Configuration

We have extensive and professional expertise in managing large and complex projects and you can rely on the CRM configuration team of start-up chefs. We work on all project levels, beginning with pre-sales and market analyses, project management, integration production, and maintenance on request.

eCommerce Platform Migration

CRM Data Migration and Integration

Properly implemented and integrated CRM is a vital component of any profitable company that focuses on customers. We are specialists in data migration and integration of customer-facing, back-office applications, and websites with CRM solutions.

CRM implementation process


CRM review and selection

There are a variety of CRM options available. We test a number of systems to get a sense of what capabilities are available and how simple the systems are to use. Then we focus on CRM systems that are suitable for keeping a project on track and within budget.


Project management

Implementing a CRM is a time-consuming and expensive operation, with so many components operating at the same time. We ensure that the project is well-managed and that a comprehensive communications plan is followed so that all participants are aware of their roles and the next steps in the process.


Vendor contracting and software licensing

CRM implementation projects that aren't backed up by straightforward contract and licensing terms often end up costing a lot of money and falling behind schedule. We keep an eye on each of these steps because they are crucial when setting up a CRM system.


CRM system customization

Some CRM systems only need basic configuration and planning before they can be used, while others require moderate to extensive customization before they can be implemented. Startup Chefs give a considerable amount of time to the production of the final CRM product, which will be the most cost-effective aspect.


Data migration

Your business might have data in older systems that you'd like to transfer to the new CRM. This data is often structured differently than it is in the current CRM system, necessitating some effort to relocate. Startup Chefs focus on migration techniques early on to ensure a smoother knowledge transition later on.


Training and support

We recognize that many users would need several exposures to documentation and training in order to master the essential skills needed to succeed with the new CRM. We provide written notes, videos, and other self-paced training for CRM systems, as well as ongoing group and individual training.


Why do I need a CRM?

The problem might be easy to solve for a smaller organization but can be a little more complicated for larger organizations. This is due to the fact that they will need input from several departments that want to use the new CRM system. The demands would differ across divisions, raising the system’s complexity.

What’s the budget for CRM Implementation?

The following are some of the costs associated with CRM implementation:

  • The cost of software licenses
  • Cost of annual repairs / Support and maintenance
  • Costs of hardware and licenses
  • Costs of implementing (this includes one-time setup, customization, data migration, training, go-live support, etc.).
  • The cost of project management.

Who in my Company would use the CRM and why?

It’s crucial to figure out who can use the CRM the most. This has a major impact on the implementation’s progress. If your users often travel to customer locations, for example, you will rely heavily on mobile CRM, while if your users are confined to one place, desktop CRM will suffice.

How do I choose a CRM Vendor?

Examine the websites of various suppliers to get a clear understanding of the functionality and solutions available. Look for vendors that provide solutions that address the company’s issues.

What outcome can I expect?

The key outcomes you can anticipate are boosted revenue, increased campaign response rate, customer satisfaction, and department management.

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There is a significant difference between cost and benefit. In certain instances, paying more for a CRM solution makes sense if it means getting more value out of it.

The best way to determine whether a CRM can suit your needs is to give it a try. Startup Chefs gives the best CRM implementation services so that you can see how they function and make an informed decision for your business. Contact us, Our offices operate in 2051 Junction Ave Suite# 218, San Jose, CA 95131 United States and Thapasya Building Infopark, Kakkanad Kochi, Kerala.


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