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eCommerce Development Services

Ecommerce Strategy & Consultation

Ecommerce Strategy & Consultation

Through a solid and detailed value proposition, we demonstrate our ability to increase your company’s profitability. Our eCommerce advisory services provide assistance with market penetration, technology selection, business workflow management, and business efficiency enhancement.

UI/UX Designing

Custom eCommerce Design

The rivalry to attract consumers is becoming more powerful with more brands, large and small, establishing an online presence. It’s no longer enough to simply upload a catalog and allow online transactions; the website must have a sublime user interface in order to engage and convert visitors. We’re here today to help you achieve industry excellence with a custom eCommerce design, based on your business nature.

Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce Website Development

From the investigation of your company needs, customer interface design to all eCommerce solution deployment, integration, and launch, we prepare and own an end-to-end eCommerce development project. Our process workflow is Planning, website design, Implementation, Testing and QA, Launch, and after-launch support. 

Mobile Application Maintenance Company

Ecommerce Website Optimization

Depending on your needs and wants, specifications, and demands we optimize the platform viz, AI-powered digital experience personalization, Online merchandising, Advanced product search, Promotional pricing tools, Product recommendation workflows, Loyalty programs, User-friendly checkout.

eCommerce Platform Migration

eCommerce Platform Migration

We also engage in eCommerce platform Migration such as Current solution revision, New eCommerce technology selection, Calculation of the total ownership cost, Custom design changes, Business and SEO data migration.

eCommerce Development

Custom Carting Solutions

Integrate back-office and online site connectivity for Custom carting solutions. Role-based access to analytics and reports for tracking traffic, revenue, transaction rates, margins, time on line, average orders, and many other metrics are among the custom carting platform’s features. You decide we develop.

Superior Order Management Solutions

Superior Order Management Solutions

Superior Order Management Solutions must perform those tasks regardless of the size or purpose of your business. Any businesses need a more robust structure than others, such as Order Tracking, Inventory Management, and Order Fulfillment. We’ll go over it in more detail and then sum it up.

Scalable Architecture and Cloud Solutions

Scalable Architecture and Cloud Solutions

In order to satisfy demand from an ever-growing number of digital devices and platforms, retail commerce workloads need a variety of cloud-native features:

  • To service a global customer base, these installations must typically be multi-regional.
  • They must be able to accommodate autoscaling or planned scaling, which allows them to scale up to meet peak demand during busy seasons and scale down to save money on infrastructure while demand is smaller.
  • To keep up with evolving consumer needs, retail commerce deployments must be able to provide features and functionality to consumers rapidly and effectively.
Security reviews

High-Security Protocols for Data Protection

E-commerce security consists of a set of protocols that ensure secure internet transfers. About 2.14 billion users are projected to shop for products and services online by 2021. As a result, data privacy has become a legal requirement. We aid in the Renewal of  SSL certificates and ensure total PCI compliance, Verify card and address details to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions, A secure login form to prevent credential attacks, Real-time ability for visitors to self-register for services.

Hosting & third-party payment monitoring

Payment Gateway Integration

Our payment integration services can help you get up and running easily, with limited downtime, and ensure that all of your transactions are PCI compliant. Working with us on your payment gateway integration project would enable you to process credit card payments easily, safely, and in a PCI-compliant manner—all while ensuring that your customers have the best possible shopping experience and regard you as a trustworthy vendor.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Company in Kochi, Kerala

Ecommerce Chatbot integration

Increase query self-service, improve response and resolution times, improve ESAT/CSAT, and generate actionable insights. We develop Automate query resolution, Have conversations across channels, seamlessly, Keep agents in the loop, timely, Converse in 100+ languages, naturally. 


How soon can the chatbot be deployed?

Your chatbot can be deployed in less than about 2 weeks depending on the requirements and several other factors. However, Yellow Messenger’s team is top geared to launch the best in time with the highest efficiency.

How Can I Choose The Best Platform For My Ecommerce Business Website?

Consider the following fundamentals before beginning your eCommerce site development. They will assist you in selecting the right platform. Often think about the things you’re offering. Although some eCommerce sites can accommodate inventory management and various product offerings, others cannot. Before deciding on a website, think about the architecture choices, payment gateways, site protection, connectivity with other tools, services, and pricing.

What Are The Main Activities Of Ecommerce Sites?

Ecommerce websites assist internet shoppers in making secure purchases from online retailers and are regarded as purchasing and sale hubs. It also aids in the collection and use of demographic data from different sources, as well as improving customer experience.

What Are The Different Types Of Ecommerce?

Ecommerce, or internet trade, is a term that refers to a variety of business transactions. Business to business (B2B), business to customer (B2C), customer to business (C2B), and customer to customer (C2C) are the four major types of eCommerce business.

How Should I Promote My Ecommerce Site?

There are many approaches to this, the first of which is to advertise the platform to all users. This would aid in the expansion of your client base. Any commercial in which your company spends should include your website address. Register the website with the search engines and customize it, as this will affect the amount of traffic it receives.

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First-time entrepreneur and hitting the market has been a hard ride so far? – We have a cutting-edge strategy for all your eCommerce development.

The most critical thing for all of you is to market your goods through an effective eCommerce website. It’s a difficult job to create a great custom e-commerce website based on your business model, but Startup Chefs, as an ambitious eCommerce portal production team, makes it easy with its knowledge and a well-experienced and competent eCommerce web developer.

We offer the best custom eCommerce web design and production service, and our seasoned team will never let you down because we concentrate more on studying your business model and competitors.

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