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Benefits of Facebook Messenger Chatbot Services

Product Architecture

Hyper-Personalized Way of Communication

Startup Chefs builds hyper-personalized communication methods based on your company and target audience. We’ll spend time getting to know your business, industry, and social media objectives so we can create a Facebook Messenger plan that works. Our Messenger experiences assist you in reaching the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time with the appropriate message. You’ll also save time and money with specialized automation technology.

RSS auto post

RSS auto post

Connect RSS feeds to Facebook so that news, updates, and photos will be automatically posted to Facebook Pages and Groups. Share RSS feed updates to Facebook right away, or schedule new items to be shared later. Keep your friends and followers engaged and up to date by posting RSS auto-post to Facebook automatically.



For businesses and social media marketers that manage many chatbot accounts, our Facebook Messenger scheduler is very beneficial. Scheduled chat blasts are sent on specific dates and times that are determined by the recipient’s time zone. Keep customers engaged with your event or brand over time by providing continual involvement. Batches of content can be automated to save time.

Analytics monitoring

Detailed statistics

The detailed statistics indicator displays the number of users who have ever sent a message to your business on Messenger, excluding those who have blocked or reported your business. There may be certain restrictions on your capacity to send messages to connections, such as limits on how many messages you can send in a given interval.

Email and phone request

Email and phone request

Startup Chefs also allows you to use short answers to obtain the address, e-mail, and telephone number of a person. The buttons are removed when a quick answer is taped and the heading of the taped button is displayed as a message in the conversations.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing

Message preview

Startup Chefs allow you to examine how your message appears on various screens with a fast glance. We Keep it short, taking into account screen size and scrolling behavior; concise messages are easier to understand. Instead of sending a single large message, we attempt sending a few smaller ones.

Usability testing complements GUI Testing

Chatbot flow test

Use the preview button (dropdown) at the top after the connection is complete. This will take you to your Facebook Messenger Page if you’re connected. Send a message to yourself to test the flow.

App feedback monitoring

Chat panel

The Chat Panel loads the recent chat history between the user and your business automatically, allowing you to see recent conversations with your business on messenger.com, in the Messenger app, or in the Chat Panel on your website. There’s no need to take down their information in order to follow up; simply continue the chat via Messenger.



The conditions that transmit automatic messages or establish sequential communication flows are based on triggers. Two sorts of chatbot autoresponders are available: preconfigured and/or custom-made.


What is Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

It’s a set of pre-programmed auto-replies linked to a Facebook profile that mimic real-life discussions. Users can only start these discussions, so you’ll be dealing with folks who are interested in communicating with your brand.

How easy to customize the template?

If you’re already familiar with Startup Chefs, it only takes a few minutes or seconds. It’s that simple to use our platform! This template will be cloned into a new chatbot once you purchase it. Once within the app, choose “Preview” to run internal tests on the bot, or “Publish” to connect your Facebook page or website before deploying your chatbot in minutes.

How do I get support for this template?

Free template support is given at the author’s discretion. Premium template support is offered via email to the author’s specified email address. If you encounter any flaws with the template, please post them in our community forum or leave them in the comments section.

How can I change the language of a chatbot template?

The platform will inquire about your bot’s primary language. You can also change the template’s example content to your own language. Multilingual bots are also supported by Startup Chefs. By going to “Settings/General/Secondary Languages,” you can add another language.

Why should I have a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Having a chatbot that works is like having a real person looking after your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It relieves your customer service and sales staff of some of their responsibilities.

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Messenger Bot is a Facebook Messenger. It can be used to generate leads, support customers, marketing, research, and other products. It can be designed to achieve a certain purpose. A Messenger bot is an interface for a chat. It needs to be developed like any other interface. Creates individual answers using Facebook Chatbots from Startup Chefs. The integration of the Messenger preserves information like name, and URL automatically. Directly use or transfer characteristics to your database in your reply. Greet with a personalized welcome message. Let your chatbot become your business’s effective sales channel. Allow your consumers to pay seamlessly online via chatbots with payment systems integrated into your Chatbot and with payment buttons included within its streams.

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