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Functional Testing

Load Testing

Load testing is the technique of simulating several users accessing a software program at the same time in order to predict the expected usage of the application. As a result, this testing is particularly applicable for multi-user systems, such as web servers, which are frequently developed utilizing a client/server approach.

Security reviews

Security Testing

Security testing is a sort of software testing that identifies system vulnerabilities and ensures that the system’s data and resources are safe from potential invaders. We assure you that the software system and application are free of dangers that might result in data loss.

Source code repository & versioning

Mobile OS version testing

Depending on the operating system version on the device, your application may perform differently. Distinct iOS versions, for example, may have different user interfaces, as do apps for these iOS versions. We will address this in tests by checking the device’s operating system version and running tests written for that version.

Progressive Web App Development

Browser compatibility testing

Browser compatibility testing is a non-functional type of testing that focuses on ensuring that your website’s fundamental features and functionality are available to users across a variety of browser-OS combinations, devices, and assistive technologies.

Product Architecture

White-Box Testing

Whitebox Testing is a methodology for software testing that tests the underlying structure, software architecture, and code for input-output flow, design, and safety. Code is visible to testers in white box tests and is sometimes referred to as a Clear Box test.

Black-box testing

Black-box testing

Black Box Testing is a software test approach where software functionality is tested without having any knowledge of the underlying code structure, the specifics of implementation, and internal routes. The techniques are Equivalence Class Testing, Boundary Value Testing, Decision Table Testing.

Grey-box testing

Grey-box testing

The objective of the grey box test is to find and identify faults because of incorrect code structure or the misuse of applications. With Gray Box Testing we provide you the opportunity to test the application, its display layer, and the code element on both sides.

Integration testing

Integration testing

Tests conducted to identify the interface and the interaction faults between integrated systems or components. The objective of this test level is to detect interaction defects between built-in components. To aid with integration testing, test drivers and test stubs are used.

3rd Party Maintenance

Installation testing

Installation tests are carried out in order to ensure that the software with all intrinsic features has been correctly installed and that the product works according to expectations. It is done in the last testing step before the end-user interacts with the product first.

Integration testing

Sanity testing

Our team focuses on validating the functioning of the application via a sanity testing procedure. Sanity h tests are usually carried out on build when production deployment is required like a crucial bug patch promptly.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Functional tests are performed to check the output against the functional requirements of each software application function by giving relevant input.

Functional testing includes primarily testing the black box and does not affect the application source code. This test verifies the user interface, APIs, databases, security, communication between client and server, and other capabilities of the subtest application.

Non- functional Testing

Non- functional Testing

It is intended to assess the readiness of a system according to non-functional factors that are never tested. Non-functional testing will enhance product use, effectiveness, maintenance, and portability.


Test automation

Our tester writes scripts by own and utilizes the appropriate software for software testing. It is essentially manual process automation. Like regression tests, automation tests are also utilized in the load, performance, and stress testing of the application.


Test design and documentation

It is a comprehensive suite of papers that allow you to explain and record the planning of tests, the design of tests, and the execution of test findings.


Full-Cycle QA

Full-cycle testing involves a team of QA specialists in the early development phases and ends at the stage of software deployment.

Testing Environments

Testing Environments

The testing environment is set to the Application Under Test requirement. Here we support the hardware, software, and network test execution.


Different levels in Independent Testing

Tests can be performed at various levels. These are classified from the lowest to the highest independence:

  • Programmer’s code tests
  • Tests carried out within the organization by other programmers
  • Testing team in-house
  • Independent organization of testing

Independent Testing Need?

All aspects of your products will be examined by independent testing companies. They work to find defects and bugs. And since they are not part of the development process, the tests are carried out on neutral grounds as they don’t have previous space.

What are the Advantages of Independent Testing?

It helps to eliminate all minor and major code errors and thus enhances the software’s overall quality.

The test is carried out in the most bias-free way, with Independent testing.

Independent testing organizations, such as manual testing, stress testing, and automated testing, have expertise in many tools and software.

Why the independent testing team is required?

An independent test team offers an impartial third-party view of the software leading to efficient and uninfluenced (hypothetical) tests that meet the expectations of customers.

Disadvantages of independent testing?

The independent test execution is normally the last stage and affected by any delays earlier in the process.

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