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Lead capturing and reporting

Startup Chefs uses various techniques for Lead capturing and reporting such as Integration of telephony and IVR tools, Marketplace leads, Website chat leads, and Leads from self-serve applications portals. With built-in connectors and APIs, we can help you capture leads and Get a detailed report on lead source attribution.

Scalable Architecture and Cloud Solutions

Lead sourcing

For the majority of B2C businesses, markets are a significant lead source. Either the financial sector, education, real estate, health care, or any other industry in which you live, Startup Chefs automatically collects leads from them through built-in connectors and APIs.

Email and phone request

Website call tracking

Capture all calls as leads, including inbound, outbound, and voicemails (missed calls). All phone calls should be attributed to their source campaigns, and the most successful ones should be reinvested in. Calls should be registered, and all ongoing nurturing activities should be tracked.

Testing Environments

Website visitor tracking

Startup Chefs allows you to gather leads from any website. Using our APIs and developer framework, you can also build your own custom leads. In addition, Startup Chefs removes the need for a separate contact manager by allowing you to manage projects, deals, and contacts all in one location.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring

We automate the collection of leads from IVR service providers and cloud calling/cloud telephony solutions such as Exotel, Ozonotel, Ameyo, RingCentral, and others. Never miss a call from your client after seeing your ad. Follow up with them as soon as possible to eliminate your lead leakage.

SEO dashboards and reporting

SEO dashboards and reporting

Our team at Startup Chefs works with advanced SEO techniques and industry-leading SEO software to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. We will help you make the most of your online marketing efforts by managing your entire marketing automation system from the top of the marketing funnel to the sales-ready process.

User Behaviour Analytics

Social media dashboards and reporting

Startup Chefs allows you to grab leads from your social campaigns (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) and increase your response time, in addition to marketing automation. Boost your conversion rates by using conversion-focused landing pages or in-built social media connectors (Facebook lead advertising, Twitter, etc.).


What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation saves the company a significant amount of time. It streamlines time-consuming procedures, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. Marketing automation also necessitates time spent incorporating and tracking the results of the campaigns.

If you don’t have the time to handle your marketing automation, We can help you monitor leads to transcribing your phone calls, we can take the weight off your hands and handle your marketing automation for you.

Does marketing automation really work?

Yes, it absolutely works. Companies that use marketing automation have 53 percent higher conversion rates and a 3.1 percent average sales growth rate as opposed to companies that don’t.

Which industries do your marketing automation services help the most?

Any industry will benefit from our marketing automation services. If you’re not sure if marketing automation is right for your business, contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to help.

What services can your marketing automation agency provide for my business?

By automating routine activities, marketing automation will help the business save time and money. You will be able to improve the main indicators by collaborating with us. Our Marketing automation software allows your business to automate processes so you don’t have to spend too much time on them. You can systematize routine and time-consuming activities with marketing automation, allowing you and your team to focus on more critical projects. You can automate anything from emails to social media post scheduling.

What is lead capture automation?

The use of technology to collect leads from all active sources of lead generation into a single platform is known as lead capture automation. Lead monitoring is an important part of helping the company expand online. You can deliver information that nudges your leads closer to conversion until you have more information about them.

Startup Chefs will assist you in identifying where leads come from as well as pertinent information such as their path from the first point of contact to when they contact your company. With this knowledge, you can vet your leads and concentrate your efforts on high-quality leads rather than low-quality “spam” leads.

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We don’t just get consumers via the internet. We’ve cut lead leakage in six big channels in half, with current leakage at less than 0.1 percent. All of our B2B offerings are designed to relieve every agency’s digital marketing burden. We’d be delighted to partner with your branding to look after your clients.

We’re here to monitor, analyze, and assist the sales team in obtaining accurate information about lead quality, conversions, and revenue attribution for each source. To boost conversion rates and make the sales process data-driven with our marketing automation services, contact us, Our offices operate in 2051 Junction Ave Suite# 218, San Jose, CA 95131 United States and Thapasya Building Infopark, Kakkanad Kochi, Kerala.


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