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Analytics monitoring

Strategy Development & Insights

Startup Chefs Strategy Development & Insights tactics encourage businesses to think about how they can succeed in the future. A few important aspects to determine the process are to Identify critical competencies, Rank competencies, Assess maturity, Map competencies, Develop unique capabilities, and Review strategic plans.

App feedback monitoring

Content Marketing

We provide the most effective tool for branding to improve customer relationships and achieve long-term growth. Startup Chefs content development is sourced and produced with a strategic target in mind. We create Content to experience curation and increase customer engagement by taking advantage of industry-wide operating models.

User Acceptance Testing

Influencer Relations

Although digital influence is expanding, the analog world is still significant. Startup Chefs has helped businesses benefit from Influence Marketing by upheaving customers in a variety of ways. Through Influencer Relations, we allow anonymous customers to complement and even surpass conventional marketing strategies, hence influencing them to purchase.

Testing Environments

Digital & Omni Channel Communications

Retailers have a tendency to stumble when their underlying ambitions and skills are misaligned. Startup Chefs is here to help retailers choose an omnichannel approach based on their business goals and desired customer experience. Our Digital & Omni Channel Communications will boost through commerce, personalization, and ecosystem.

User Behaviour Analytics

CommsTech & Analytics

Startup Chefs CommsTech & Analytics tools make preparation, tracking, monitoring, and reporting as easy as possible. We’re constantly improving which enables us to track a variety of data points such as social amplification, media penetration, the share of speech, and influencer effect, proving that our communications are successful.

Brand Positioning and Development

Brand Positioning and Development

Our top-down targets of Brand Positioning and Development are based on a thorough understanding of customer needs. Furthermore, new strategies often elicit reactions from competitors and have unanticipated consequences, We help the organizational structures to enable rapid, organized responses for their brands.

Hosting & third-party payment monitoring

Communication and Advertising Management

For show placements and keywords, many businesses lack a centralized framework for benchmarking and tracking a cost per click and cost per thousand impressions. Our Best-in-class digital procurement helps in keeping up with the latest industry trends across all departments so that businesses can compare and make better decisions.

Marketing Mentoring

Marketing Mentoring

Our team uses a systematic problem-solving approach on any project, in which all perspectives and solutions are considered, investigated, and evaluated before making decisions. We are dedicated to Mentor you through Marketing and impact wherever you serve. We provide tools and access to a large audience across the world.


Aren’t Marketing and Advertisement the same thing?

No. The process of creating and promoting a brand to the right audience is known as marketing. The goal of advertising is to increase traffic to your business.

What kind of content do we want to produce?

We’ll sit down with you and figure out the best method for producing content for your business. The industry has a big influence on content development.

How do we plan marketing campaigns?

On a monthly and weekly basis, we establish marketing schedules. We’ll stick to a monthly theme from you and then add opportunistic marketing tactics as they emerge on a weekly basis.

How do we choose your audience?

We choose your target market by identifying the most appropriate demographic for your product or service. Age, household income, preferences, and other factors can be used to boost your growth potential.

What is the best social media platform?

It is dependent on the nature of your company. We’ll decide which channels are the most cost-effective and efficient after consulting with you.

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Startup Chefs Marketing Solutions team of skilled communicators has the industrial technology skills needed to develop and execute successful communications with audiences across a variety of industries in the global markets. We create fully integrated programs that are ideal for multinational corporations looking to optimize brand equity. Effective marketing and brand integration will help protect and add value to the integration as a whole. Startup Chefs begin integrating and laying a solid basis for making an impact.

Write to us at to learn more about our approach to Marketing Solutions, content management, influencer relations, and integrated marketing communications. We operate out of two areas currently – 2051 Junction Ave Suite# 218, San Jose, CA 95131 United States and Thapasya Building Infopark, Kakkanad Kochi, Kerala.


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