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App crash monitoring

The Startup Chefs server crash detector helps you to spot errors and availability problems until they cause a crash, easily diagnose crashes as they happen, and troubleshoot root cause. To detect errors before they have an impact on results, we set up device crash detection thresholds and warnings.

Analytics monitoring

Analytics monitoring

The practice of converting data into answers is known as analytics. Surprisingly, many analytics tools are incredibly scalable and capable, allowing them to do virtually everything with results.

Security reviews

Security reviews

A security review is a collaborative mechanism that identifies security-related issues, assesses the risk associated with those issues, and makes informed risk reduction or approval decisions.

Third-party integration update reviews

Third-party integration update reviews

We will use different data to see whether the third-party service responds correctly (or if your product correctly interprets the service’s response) to see how well your product is compatible with the third-party service.

Performance Testing

Performance monitoring

With Startup Chefs, you can detect, evaluate, and improve the efficiency of your application. Performance monitoring allows you to keep track of real-time measurements such as application reaction time, throughput, faults, and exceptions. They provide real-time warnings and reports to help you assess and track the success of your web application.

IOS Application Development

App store management & monitoring

We will develop much more customer interactions that help your company prosper by learning how people learn and communicate with your app. With our App Store management and monitoring, you will get useful data such as App Analytics, Sales and Trends, and Payments and Financial Reports.

App feedback monitoring

App feedback monitoring

To make a standout app, it must be customer-centric, and to be customer-centric, you must first understand what certain consumers think. Brand managers can better appreciate a customer’s perspective on a company or brand by using in-app feedback. As a result, companies and product managers can:

  • Increase the application’s acceptance and/or popularity.
  • Improve the user experience by adding new features or improving existing ones.
  • Improve your client service.
Source code repository & versioning

Source code repository & versioning

When files change over time, Source code repository and version control systems keep track of revisions. It also helps several users to operate on the same text file at the same time, seamlessly combining updates. The benefits are,

Prorogation of programs and scripts to servers

that is both efficient and traceable.

Both objects that have been pushed to all

servers have a complete history.

Synchronization between ecosystems and

clustered nodes is seamless.

OS & Server Migration

Server monitoring

You’ll never skip a vital alert with Startup Chefs. Startup Chefs groups warnings filter out the noise, and notify you through various networks, supplying the requisite information for the team to quickly begin resolution, thanks to strong integrations with tracking, ticketing, and chat software. We use a single interface to create and change schedules as well as define escalation laws. Gain insight into areas of growth as well as areas that you can develop. Anything relevant to warnings and events is tracked by Startup Chefs.

Hosting & third-party payment monitoring

Hosting & third-party payment monitoring

In a single network, Startup Chefs offers third-party provider tracking, vulnerability identification, data loss protection, and payment gateway monitoring. We offer Real-time Vendor Activity Monitoring, Real-time Vendor Activity Monitoring, Intelligent Policy, and Rules engines, Audit and Forensics, Compliance Management, and secured payment transactions.


What are the benefits of mobile app maintenance?

There are so many benefits of Mobile App maintenance, here are few key points that you help you get an insight into its importance,

  • Minimize Uninstalls
  • Data security
  • Better user experience
  • Increase app efficiency
  • Keep you up with the competition
  • Improve reliability
  • Reduce complexity

Why My Business Need Mobile App Maintenance Services?

Customers Like it Updated & Fresh

Ratings and Review Matter

Customers Are Now Tech-Savvy

No One Likes Bugs in Mobile Apps

An Operating System Updates Itself

An Updated UI/UX is Behind the Success of Many Mobile Apps

Your App Deserves Top-Notch Security Against Cyber Threats

Stop Your App from Getting Blacklisted on App Store

Avoid Unfortunate Downtimes

Stay Competitive

Is mobile app maintenance and support the same?

No, they’re not the same. Let’s imagine you have a mobile app and one of the functions, such as Live chat, isn’t functioning well, and you’ll need help to fix it because it’s just temporary. This may be classified as a support facility. However, an upgrade program is used when the mobile version is outdated and needs to be upgraded or migrated it’s called maintenance.

What all are the Mobile App Maintenance Features?

Reviewing applications online

Incorporating latest trends

Testing apps

Fixing bugs

Improving user interface and experience

Enhancing usability

Timely monitoring applications

Feature extension

Migrating applications to different platforms

Prompt response to all queries

Security maintenance and support

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Our support model for Android and iOS app maintenance allows smoother and quicker device maintenance, improves app productivity, and results in a higher app ROI. We have experience with a variety of cutting-edge technology and technological applications that can help you improve the maintenance of your mobile app.

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