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Automated Testing

Automated Testing

With little or no human interaction, in order to achieve greater speed and efficiency. We put a test automation strategy in place,  the automated part is the running of the tests. Before we execute your test cases, we create them by writing code using a scripting language, writing code in a full programming language, recording steps performed using a GUI) in their licenses (free, freemium, commercial) then finally we do automated testing.

Web Application Testing

Functional Testing

  • To ensure that all of the application’s components are functioning properly.
  • If a button is designed to elicit a particular answer, it can also do so on a mobile device.
  • As the position of the hand-held computer changes, the app and its user interface should adapt accordingly.
  • When the program is in the background, it can continue to function but use fewer machine resources, are our checkpoints on the functional testing ensuring the proper functioning of the app.
Game Testing

Game Testing

Regression checking, Alpha, Beta, and Gold are all conducted during this test. Mobile game testing applications are also used to monitor coverage and flows, data accuracy, algorithm-specific testing, course testing, and gradual testing. We validate the entire process for testing video games for quality control. 

Localization Testing

Localization Testing

The performance of an app/software to respond to different cultural, religious sentiments, linguistic variances, and geographic variations of particular regions is known as a localization test. We make it so that the app we build is accessible to users all over the world.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

The performance level of high-end and low-end equipment differs. Apart from ensuring that the software works reliably on computers with smaller capacities, we should also ensure that the system can handle heavy server loads and is resistant to bandwidth and latency changes, where we will have a complete analysis.

Flutter Mobile Application Development

Android & iOS App Testing

Android/iOS app testing is critical and essential for Android apps. The method should not be limited to detecting glitches or making UI suggestions; it should also ensure that the product meets the demands of the market. 

  • Test scope is increased with Android App Test Automation.
  • Ensures the efficiency, consistency, and accessibility are all improved.
  • Assists in the identification of glitches and other inconsistencies, as well as their resolution.
Security Testing

Security Testing

SECURITY TESTING is a form of software testing that detects glitches, dangers, and threats in a software program while still protecting it from hacker attacks. Our aim of security checks is to identify any possible bugs and weaknesses in the software system that may result in a loss of records, revenue, or credibility at the hands of insiders or employees.

Usability testing complements GUI Testing

Usability Testing

This test includes how applications appear, how they run, whether features and services function as anticipated, and how long it takes for content to load. Application User Interface (UX) monitoring is used to assess both real effects and user impressions in order to provide useful input on the user experience of the app before it goes online. When performed correctly, it should be an integral part of both the design and construction processes.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing Strategy

Our strategy process flow’s like, Requirement gathering>Test Planning>Test Case design>Setup Test Environment>Manual Testing>Automatic testing>Usabilty testing>Performance testing>Security testing>Compatibility testing>Bug Reporting>Regression Testing>Test Report.


Why Should You Use Mobile App Testing?

Mobile app testing seems to be essential for optimising the purposes as better client-side experience. When it comes to mobile applications, though, A/B research provides a slew of potential advantages that can be used to alleviate pressure points in consumers’ journeys and boost app-specific metrics.

What are the different types of mobile application testing?

Functional Testing

User Interface Testing

Usability Testing

Performance Testing

Stress Testing

Compatibility Testing

Interruption Testing

What is the most important type of mobile application testing?

While all of the above research categories cannot be ignored, some of them need more emphasis than others. For example, thorough user interface testing is required to ensure that the application’s color schemes, consistency, menu types, navigation, and other features are flawless.

Apart from the above, monkey checking of the program is often essential to determine its stability when continuous invalid user inputs are given.

Examining how the device responds when there is little or limited network coverage is another critical feature of mobile application research.

What are the best ways to carry out mobile application testing?

Checking a mobile program entails more than simply writing and running test cases. The following are few pointers to help a tester analyze smartphone apps more effectively.

Create test cases until determining where, how, and where the program will be used.

To perform the test cases, use simulators as far as possible.

Remote computer providers (RDA) can also be used

Can mobile application testing be automated?

Yes, that is possible. There are several tools available. It’s best to leave your choices open and investigate all types of mobile application testing before settling on the one that best meets the requirements.

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