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Product Ideation

Product Ideation is an essential planning session for us. We put the entire team together to harness the product owners’, designers’, engineers’, QA’s, and architects’ perspectives, views, and ideas. The reasoning is straightforward: a group has more knowledge, experience, and perspective than a person. This is channeled into design ideation and applied to a specific product. 

  • It helps to minimize the excess of underutilized talent by using each team member’s specific artistic feedback.
  • It inspires creativity by drawing from a wide range of backgrounds and viewpoints.
  • It brings the whole project team together around a shared goal.
  • It stimulates new designs and leads to improved goods.
Product Architecture

Product Architecture

In a relatively easy exercise, we construct a product architecture. Instead of mapping the product’s physical design, the aim is to map its functions and functionality. We create the schematic>the attributes and components of your product’s schematic will be grouped together. This increases the visibility of redundancies and expresses the relationship between various functions.

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Product Design

We combine customer preferences with company goals during the product design process to help brands create consistently profitable products. Brand designers strive to improve the consumer experience of the applications they provide for their customers, as well as support their brands by ensuring that their offerings are long-lasting and meet long-term market needs. 

POC Development

Product Development

Strategic Consulting, New Product Roadmap, Product Development, Product Testing, Support & Maintenance – our all-inclusive program covers conceptualization, preparation, production, implementation, and support. Our roadmap for development is Empathize>define,>ideate>prototype>test + Product roadmap

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Product Testing

The complete testing service suite offered by Startup Chefs ensures dependability and correctness. We analyze product quality by drawing on our dedicated practice’s significant knowledge and knowledge, making it easier to evaluate complicated, innovative items. We also leverage CMMi standards, industry best practices, and established procedures to provide quantifiable, outcome-focused solutions.

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Product Deployment

Every software system is different, therefore it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact processes or procedures that go into each operation. Hence product deployment is necessary. We stand upfront on Installation and activation>Deactivation>Uninstallation>Update>Built-in update>Version tracking. 

Artificial Intelligence

Product Support

We can assist you with product support services such as  Bug Fixes, Product Enhancements, Technology Upgrades, DevOps Support, and Customer Helpdesk Services such as Ticket Management, Installation & Configuration Support, and Customer Queries & Issue Resolution.

Black-box testing

Component Delivery

Individual independent modules, apps, special functionality, or additional features are developed to enhance your product.

3rd Party Maintenance

Project Salvation

Projects that aren’t finished or haven’t been documented are rescued. We examine the product, devise a completion strategy, and bring your program to a successful conclusion.


What are the various stages of product engineering?

A typical product engineering stages involve

  • Ideation
  • Feasibility Study / Product Planning
  • Design, Development, and QA
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing / Production
  • Sustenance

What is Product Design?

Product design is the process of recognizing a market opportunity for a product by explicitly articulating current difficulties, developing a specific solution for those difficulties, and then verifying the solution with real consumers.

Product designers collaborate with engineers and marketers to create a core design that considers the product’s technological and mechanical features as well as its usability.

How does the process of design thinking work in product development?

The framework is organized around four main elements: 1) empathy, 2) collaboration, 3) interactive thinking, and 4) experimentalism. Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test, and Implement are six steps that may be included within these four components.

What is automation testing?

It is an automated procedure in which a tester tests software using automated codes/scripts or an automated testing tool/application/framework, as the name implies. In a nutshell, it is an automated procedure for evaluating the software’s functionality.

What is a product prototype?

A product prototype is a basic functional sample, mock-up, model, or simulation of the actual product that helps you put your ideas into action. Prototyping is also known as materialization since it is the first stage in translating a notion or idea into a tangible object. The goal of prototyping a product is to ensure that the final design is correct. Before beginning production, several observations will be made and multiple product modifications will be explored based on this prototype.

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