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ECommerce Website Development

We meet your needs by developing a tailored approach that engages real people. With Startup Chefs full-cycle custom eCommerce website development services, you can connect with your target audience, attract eligible traffic, and increase sales. 

Web Application Development

Custom Product Development

With our robust custom product development services, you will take advantage of global digital disruption. We emphasize intuitive, practical, and convenient solutions that fit with emerging markets, end-user needs, business goals, and the latest technologies.

POC Development

POC Development

Proof of concept software is software created by an organization to show the viability of particular concepts or processes in a project or production. POC is used in the early development cycle and identification of performance issues and thus create an efficient and potential POC project.

Single Page Application Development

Single Page Application Development

Single Page Applications, or SPAs, are web applications with an independent front end that functions and operates as a desktop application in the browser. SPA enables Separation of Concerns, Easy to test, Easily scalable, and Form-Based Applications.

Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web App Development

Our Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) use modern APIs to provide improved capabilities, reliability, and installability while reaching anybody, anywhere, on any platform with a single codebase.

Web Application Development Process


Product Management

The creation of the Web app or standalone software program must take place after market research. So, our team will discover explanations for the reasons for Why, when, and what with respect to Market Competency Strategy, the Roadmap, Marketing, and Product Release.


Business Analysis

Business analysis helps to bridge the gap between stakeholders and development teams for Web apps. Our team ensures that whatever features customers need for their web apps (web applications) or software may be developed and delivered in time and on customer budget throughout the business analyses. If the requested characteristics cannot be developed under the parameters specified above, then an alternate solution might be suggested by business analysts.



During the business analysis procedure we commence technical study into Web apps (Web apps) and software development; although most of the study takes place after the basic project demands have been mapped.
The web app development research phase comprises discovering appropriate front and back-end development frameworks.


Software Architecture Design

Initial decision is taken and carried out by project managers and software architecture for the design of web apps ( Web apps) and other software following a comprehensive conversation with both designers and developers about project needs after the research.



The development phase for Web Apps (web applications) is split down into three stages.



Web Designer produces wire-frames and mockups which are then utilized as a blueprint for web apps with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, material, and front frames by front-end web developers and UX designers.


Front End Development & UX Development

This phase involves UX design, animation analysis, cookie session management, front end security implementation and user authentication, construction of front end functions, integration of the APIs, calls to APIs, routing, and the management of responsivity for Web apps.


Back End Development

Back end web application development includes managing services on the back end, database handling, session management, creating security for web applications, API development.



Software testing is an inherent aspect of the creation and software development of web applications since even when it's fully completed, every software application contains some problems. Regressive test processes ensure that the program generated is as bug-free as possible and can accommodate an unusually large number of users.


Is it possible to check the code of my project while it is still in development?

The project is first and foremost yours, and then ours. During the development process, you have full control over not only the code, but also the designs, wireframes, and any other aspect of the project. You’ll also get a report on which module your assigned developers are currently working on.

Is it necessary for me to test the app or website on my own?

You certainly have the choice to do so if you so choose. For all of our customers, we provide QA testing services, ensuring that the app or website is thoroughly tested not just at the outset, but even after each development module is completed. Still, if you’d like to take a look for yourself, we’d be delighted to oblige.

Can you provide services such as support, maintenance, and upgrades?

Yes, we do, and it’s a spectacular one, according to our current clients. We have an almost flawless client retention record, thanks to our tireless efforts to provide our clients with unrivaled support, repair, and upgrade services in the IT industry.

What steps will you take to ensure the success of my app?

To begin, we will design your app with the most up-to-date design and incorporate the most popular features that appear natural in your app. Following that, our team of marketers will devise a foolproof marketing plan for you, ensuring that your app meets its global target audience. Finally, we will continue to update and upgrade your software for potential expansions with each latest OS update of your app platform.

Can your developers assist me in determining which technologies and features are current and beneficial for my project?

Without a doubt. We’ll set up a team meeting with your appointed developers and team leader during which you’ll go through the entire project in detail. Our experts will then provide you with guidance on all technical aspects of the project, such as which platform to use, which language, library, and IDEs to use, and so on.

These discussions will not stop after the first meeting; after each module of the project is completed, you will be updated on the next stage and the best options available to you.

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