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Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot Services

Decision Management

Effectively and instantly interact with clients

By utilizing our WhatsApp Chatbot Services, you can obtain opportunity to bring proactive messages to your users. Send out segmented campaigns based on data collected by our WhatsApp Chatbot. Interact with your clients by using our WhatsApp Chatbot to send targeted notifications such as delivery updates, booking reminders, invoices, order confirmations, and other important updates.

Scalable Architecture and Cloud Solutions

Expand the company’s availability and reach

Startup Chefs WhatsApp Chatbot has a very user-friendly interface with which you can integrate any media, as well as instant responses and 24-hour services—all of which help you take your customer service to the next level and retain customers by extending your company’s availability and reach.

Support customers by responding to queries in real-time

Support customers by responding to queries in real-time

The Bot’s interface has been carefully designed by WhatsApp Chatbot specialists to examine customer needs and provide a detailed overview. Using a WhatsApp chatbot, we make customer support simple for both your customers and your team. Answer your customers’ questions instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For complex questions, seamlessly transition from the bot to a human.

Send contextual responses automatically

Send contextual responses automatically

To get a better understanding of the customer’s intent and make relevant product recommendations, Startup Chefs WhatsApp Chatbot uses contextual data gathered during the conversation (or retrieved from the business’ database or CRM system). The WhatsApp chatbot can also more effectively upsell or cross-sell related items/services thanks to this contextual understanding.

Personalize customers experience

Personalize customers experience

Startup Chefs WhatsApp Chatbot can improve enterprise and customer connectivity. They can cultivate leads and increase customer loyalty. We send the chatbot to your dedicated WhatsApp number and continue to iterate personalized conversations based on the customers responses.

Superior Order Management Solutions

Free up support personnel to solve more complex requests

With our WhatsApp Chatbot, you can provide seamless 24/7 customer service via chat. The long wait time before speaking with a support agent is one of the major drawbacks of traditional customer service channels. This issue is solved by WhatsApp chatbots, which can respond to customers instantly at any time and quickly resolve their queries. – 9X faster than they would on the phone.

Make customer communications more secure

Make customer communications more secure due to end-to-end encryption

With over a million people registering on the platform every day, the number of people you can potentially reach out to via WhatsApp is growing by the day. In this era of increased privacy awareness, your customers will find our WhatsApp Chatbot, which is a secure encrypted platform, to be a safe channel for interaction, and even payment with your company.

Shorten the sales cycle

Shorten the sales cycle

Shorten the length of your sales cycle and engage with new customers. Only interact with pre-qualified leads. Engage with prospects and hot leads in a proactive manner. Cross-sell and upsell to your current customers. All of this is possible with Startup Chefs’ WhatsApp business chatbot.

Achieve better brand recognition

Achieve better brand recognition

With Startup Chefs WhatsApp Chatbot, you can enjoy higher engagement and brand recognition by facilitating seamless interactions between brands and customers. It provides your brand with a variety of options for engaging your customers with notifications and prompts, providing instant customer care, and, increasingly, promoting and selling products/services.


Do I have to pay for the messages sent by a WhatsApp Chatbot?

The template messages, which are highly structured notifications sent separately from the bot flow, are the only paid messages within the current API framework. When the user responds to the template message, the automated chatbot conversation begins, which means the bot’s messages are within the free 24-hour support window. Within the WhatsApp session, any messages sent are free.

Do I have a guarantee my WhatsApp Chatbot will be approved?

We take great care to guarantee that each company with whom we work is approved, and we oversee the entire process.

What are session messages & templates messages?

Session Messages are messages that you can send to your users within the first 24 hours of a conversation starting.

After the 24-hour window, you can send Template Messages, which are ‘paid’ messages. However, before delivering these message templates, WhatsApp must approve them.

The cost of both messages might vary.

How long will it take to get WhatsApp Chatbot Integration?

Integration of the WhatsApp Chatbot takes 7-14 days.

Is it possible to add quick answers or buttons for easier navigation on WhatsApp Chatbot?

Unfortunately, at the moment, WhatsApp’s UI does not support complex components.

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Our WhatsApp chatbot can resolve 80% of inbound customer queries, collaborate, and get yours!

Startup Chefs WhatsApp chatbot can resolve 80% of inbound customer queries and service requests end-to-end, significantly increasing your contact center’s overall operational efficiency and freeing up your support staff to focus on solving complex customer issues that require their detailed attention. In fact, our WhatsApp chatbot can save you over 30,000 agent hours per month! Conversational AI can help you save up to 90% on customer service costs by automating the vast majority of your customer service. Furthermore, the cost of responding to customer questions on WhatsApp is a fraction of the cost of responding to questions over the phone via an IVR (Interactive Voice Response System). Another effective way to reduce support costs is to redirect call center traffic from IVR to a WhatsApp chatbot.

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